Hunting in Nebraska

Hunting in Nebraska

Nebraska Hunting Experiences

Hunt Whitetail and Merriam's turkey in the beautiful landscape of Nebraska.

Merriam’s Turkey Hunting in Nebraska

Merriam’s Turkey Hunting in Nebraska Info

Run and gun and call when the run and gun and calling is working, otherwise we sit in core-high traffic areas if the calling isn’t working so we aren’t burning up our properties trying to call in uninterested Toms. We also have ground blinds set-up throughout the properties to use during archery and shotgun season, we will also use these on rainy days to keep us active and productive in the woods if the weather turns bad during a spring hunt. These properties are the mini mountains of Nebraska and do require more physically fit folks to hunt them. These areas aren’t very high in elevation so lack of oxygen isn’t as much of a problem as is the steep and hilly terrain, you’ll honestly feel like you’re in another state other than Nebraska entirely. We’re still able to effectively hunt these areas with most clients, but does require good physically fit hunters.

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Whitetail Hunting in the Heartland of Nebraska

Whitetail Hunting in the Heartland of Nebraska Info

We have a long history in South-Central Nebraska and our family has been hunting this state for the last 80 years for deer and turkey. Since founding and establishing our business, we’ve expanded into multiple Nebraska camps as well as into Northwest and Southeast Kansas to be able to provide a multitude of turkey & deer hunts between the two best states in the Heartland. We stay very adverse when it comes to our whitetail hunts. We utilize all types of equipment to harvest these mature giants.

Ladder stands, tower blinds/5 ft & 10ft, lock-ons, and ground blinds are all used at your comfort. If one isn’t partial to sitting in an open elevated stand we can always keep them at ground level and comfortable as can be. Ground Blinds are supplied with Mr. Buddy heaters during cold winter days.

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